KMTC Courses, Fee Structureand Qualifications 2019

3 years ago

Find Kenya Medical Training College – KMTC Courses, Fee Structure and Qualifications for intake and admissions.

KMTC offers Certificate courses, diploma courses and higher diploma courses.

The following are courses offered at KMTC:

KMTC Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences
  2. Certificate in Health Records and Information
  3. Certificate in Medical Engineering
  4. Certificate in Nursing
  5. Certificate in Orthopedic Technology
  6. Certificate in Community Nutrition

KMTC  Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Dental Technology
  2. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  3. Diploma in Community Nutrition
  4. Diploma in Community Oral Health
  5. Diploma in Health Records and Information
  6. Diploma in Nursing
  7. Diploma in Occupational Therapy
  8. Diploma in Optometry
  9. Diploma in Orthopedic Trauma and Medicine
  10. Diploma in Pharmacy
  11. Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences
  12. Diploma in Medical Engineering
  13. Diploma in Medical Imaging Sciences
  14. Diploma in Orthopedic Technology
  15. Diploma in Health Education and Promotion
  16. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

KMTC Higher Diploma Courses

  1. Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  2. Higher Diploma in Medical Education
  3. Higher Diploma in Medical Engineering
  4. Higher Diploma in Nursing
  5. Higher Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences
  6. Higher Diploma in Health Education and Promotion
  7. Higher Diploma in Medical Imaging Sciences
  8. Higher Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  9. Higher Diploma in Pharmacy
  10. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  11. Higher Diploma in Physiotherapy
  12. Higher Diploma in Health Systems Management

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KMTC Courses, Fee Structureand Qualifications 2019

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