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Machakos White House Photos, Location and Video


Machakos White House Photos, Location and Video

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua now has his very own ‘White House’, after the completion of the county government’s offices that are said to have cost 350 million shillings.

Machakos White House Photos, Location and Video
Machakos White House Photos, Location and Video

The premises were open to the public on Wednesday as Dr. Mutua hosted the Council of Governors.

The building located about which drew inspiration from the America’s White House, took 9 months to complete.

The Machakos White House sits on a 2.5 acre of land in the ambience of the slopes of Kiima Kimwe hill-the historic fortress of the father of the famous veteran freedom fighter, Joseph Paul Ngei.

The white house has two wings: West Wing and an East Wing. The West Wing will house the Governor, his Chief of Staff and executive meeting lounges where Dr. Mutua will meet top guests and dignitaries.

The East Wing, this will house the office of the First Lady, the governor’s advisors and other support staff.

The East Room has an in-house conference facility that can hold up to 200 people and here he will have a chance to hold county meetings, meet MCAs and other guests. The office also has banquet rooms where he can entertain his high-profile guests.

Machakos White House Photos, Location and Video
Machakos White House Photos, Location and Video

The Machakos White House also has a V.I.P area which is set aside for dignitaries, this can house the president in case he decides to work from Machakos.

Although the project is said to have costed only 350 million, I bet if it was it was a government project, it would have run into something amounting to billions, around 3.5 billion to be precise.

However, critics have rubbished Mutua’s 350 million “white house” in Machakos terming his step as theatrics to gain political mileage. As a matter of fact, people in Machakos need more boreholes than White house.

But from Alfred Mutua’s educational background, he seems to know how to play his cards well, by putting what he learned in class into practice. Professionally, Mutua, an alumni of Dagoretti High School and Jamhuri High School holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Whitworth College in the United States, Masters in Communication from Eastern Washington University. PhD in communication and media from the University of Western Sydney in Australia.

Governor Mutua claims he built this office for posterity. And he will not fully enjoy it since its completion is towards the end of his tenure.

The office is made to enable the governor provide services more efficiently since his team will be closer to him,

Dr. Mutua Said:

“This is not my office. It is office of governors that will come. I have built this office for the next 200 governors. I will not even enjoy it since I will be seeking to be elected the next president. But we have done it to show devolution works.”

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