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    Esther Akothee Biography

    Akothee (Esther Akoth) born and bread in the Lakeside city of Kisumu, is listed as one of the wealthiest female celebrities in the country and there is no denying that she eats life with a big spoon.


    Akothee got married at 14 and had to go back to school at 24 to finish her studies. She finished her high school in 2004 when she was already a mother of three and scored a mean grade of a C+. Unfortunately, she was kicked out of her first marriage since she was supposedly boring, too hardheaded and unromantic.

    Akothee Tax Business

    With the little money, she had saved up Akothee went to a driving school and became a matatu driver. She then, later on, moved to Mombasa where she became a taxi driver.

    While on the Job she met a Swedish man who invited her back to his home country. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, things didn’t work out as she had planned. The man kicked her out while she was 9 months pregnant and she had to come back to Kenya. However, this time she had some money on her, enough to invest well in her taxi business.

    While still going about her business, as usual, she met a French man who was then the French ambassador to Djibouti. This was the turning point of her life as she had hit the jackpot. The man was truly loaded and showered her with lavish gifts and colossal amounts of money.

    The man once gifted her with a brand new Prado on her birthday and sent her KSH 80 million to put a roof over her growing family. The French man is the father of her last born, however, they are now separated.

    Akothee’s Other Businesses

    During her hustling life and by her hard work and God’s grace she is now a proud owner of over 15 vehicles comprising of two 27-seater buses, mini-buses and 5 tour land cruiser vans.

    She got involved in a lot of business pursuits that saw her set up a slew of business interests as evidenced in Akotheesafaris a flourishing Tours and Travel Company, Morning Star Diani, an establishment that seeks to provide 5-star accommodations at 3-star rates and Akothe & Properties a real estate venture.

    Her Lifestyle

    Esther Akothee is more popular for her flamboyant lifestyle than for her music. She shops in the most fashionable stores in Europe drive flashy cars and is rumored to be shopping for a jet. She has three homes in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Nyanza. That is besides a luxury apartment complex in North Coast and a four-bedroomed pad in Zurich, Switzerland.Akothee Music

    She comes from a musical family and the musical spirit resonates quite strongly, and this has inevitably led her into the music scene with emotive hits such as Nimechoka, Pashe and Katika. She brings into the industry a distinctive refreshing African beat that we can all sing along and dance to.

    Akothee came back to Kenya determined to start her life afresh. That is when she began her music career, which she says was her first passion. Most of her music videos are trending on YouTube. She maintains that music was her first passion.

    Her music that features heavy kanungo beats are also ruling the airwaves on local radio stations, besides a busy schedule of performances outside Kenya.

    The musician who singles out Yondo Sisters as her role model, can dance soukous, into which she blends chakacha with a heavy dose of twerking to guarantee an electrified audience.


    Regerded to as Kenya’s wealthiest female musician this singer is alleged to be worth ksh 300 million.

    While she has proved her capabilities in music , many have wondered about her source of wealth. The video to her song Djele Djele set her back ksh 1 million while her next Chengerere cost her ksh 4 million and was shot in South Africa.

    Akothe got married at 14 and stayed there for 10 years. The man she married fell in love with another woman and kicked her without her three children. She started out as a matatu driver on route 108 that ply the Gachie before later moving to Mombasa. There she met a dutch man who took her to Holland and did a dancing gig that paid her ksh 300,000.

    She then went back to her former husband and stole her children and started living with them. Fast forward to six years ago when she met a rich French man who was also an ambassador. This she says was her turn around as the man sent her ksh 80 million to build a house. He also recently gave her a Prado during her birthday.

    Singer Akothee wants to cement her name in the list of high flying Kenyans by buying her own private jet.
    For a while, Akothee has been hiring private choppers to facilitate her movement around the country but now it seems she is tired of traveling in someone else’s chopper. She was seen window shopping for planes and word quickly started spreading she wanted to buy her own private jet.

    Many may doubt whether she has the cash to buy a private jet but then again Akothee has proved a couple of times she has the means to be a little extravagant.

    Buying a personal jet is not cheap, even top notch millionaires know that, actually only a few African celebrities like P Squire and Davido are known to actually own one.

    Family and Children

    Esther Akothee has three daughters and two sons from different

    marriages.Akothee had four daughters from her first marriage and bore three children between the ages of 14 to 16. One of her kids died because she could not afford to take her to the hospital. She later gave birth to her fourth daughter in the year 2000.

    Her sons are from her second marriage with a white man who she claims was only interested in having children with her but not marriage. The mother of 5 has been spending a lot of time with two of her sons. She traveled down to where she has been spending quality time with them in Switzerland and shared photos of the cute boys.

    9 things you didn’t know about Akothee

    Esther Akothee is regarded as one of the wealthiest female musicians in Kenya. She shops in Europe drives expensive cars and has four luxurious homes in North Coast, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Rakwaro in Migori County.

    In addition to her lavish homes in Kenya, she has a four-bedroomed house in Zurich, Switzerland.

    1. Akothee was married at 14

    Akothee was born to a county administrator father and politician mother. The singer, who grew up in Migori, is the first daughter in her family.

    Though her mother was very loving, Akothee went through a rebellious phase in high school which led to her early marriage.

    “I was in form two at Nyabisawa Girls, I decided to rebel. When I was 14 I fell in love with a guy who was studying in the neighboring boys’ school. He used to write me letters that drove me crazy. I can even remember he used to write on blue foolscap,” first bornAkothee recounted nostalgically.

    Her teenage love affair became serious and she decided to run away with her boyfriend, “Love overwhelmed me and so I eloped with him. My parents tried to get me back home, but I refused. Once a Luo has made up her mind, who will say no?”

    2. She was a ‘house girl’ for seven years

    After running away from home, she went to live with her mother-in-law at Awendo in Migori County.

    “I served as a house girl to my mum-in-law for seven years. I was doing all the house chores at that tender age. All that time, my husband was in school learning. He cleared high school and even joined campus while I was still at his mum’s place,” she reveals.

    She conceived and gave birfirstborndaughter at her parents-in-law’s houses.

    Their relationship went sour and she was sent packing by her in-laws in 2000.

    3. She had three kids by age 16

    Akothee gave birth to her firstborn at the age of 14, second born at 15 and third born at 16.

    Her second born daughter later succumbed to illness because Akothee could not raise enough money to take her to a hospital.

    She got her fourth born in the same marriage in 2000.

    4. She once sold omena to make a living

    After she left her mum in-law’s home, she went to live at Kanga where she started an omena business to raise money for her school fees and family upkeep.

    In 2003, her husband completed his university course. The two got back together and took care of their children as Akothee went back to school.

    “I decided to go clear my fourth form at Kanyasrega High school. I would drop the kids at kindergarten before proceeding to school. In the evening I would pick them up from the teacher’s house, take them home and go sell my omena for one hour,” the singer reveals.

    5. She divorced her husband

    When Akothee cleared school, she joined her husband who had then landed a job in Nairobi.

    Their life was a humble one, the singer reveals. Akothee recalls friends giving them simple household items such as mwikos sufurias, and mattresses.

    Sadly, her husband left her for another woman when he started getting wealthy.

    “Maybe I am not a romantic woman, and so he got bored with me on October 6, 2006 and dumped me with our three kids,” said Akothee.

    6. She was a taxi driver

    When times became tough, Akothee persevered: “I am like a cat, throw me up and I land on my four feet; not my back.”

    After splitting from her husband, Akothee decided to join her brother in Mombasa. At that time, he was running a taxi business and they would partner drive the taxi in turns. The little profit she got from the taxi business was spent on her young family.

    One day, while she was doing her rounds in Mombasa, she met a diplomat who was interested in knowing what could drive such a beautiful young woman into taxi work.

    That chance meeting was the beginning of a relationship that would dramatically change her life.

    The diplomat invited himself to Akothee’s home, and their relationship grew from there. Akothee later relocated with the man to Zurich, Switzerland.

    She conceived his child, but at nine months she realised that the man was only interested in getting a baby with her- not marriage. Angered, she took a flight back to Kenya where she started her music career.

    7. She got her own money

    After hitting the ground running with music, she invested in real estate (Akothee Property) and expanded her transport business (Akothee Safaris).

    When she started working in the music industry, Akothee performed at high-end private parties where she could pocket well over a million shillings.

    She injected this cash into her businesses and further grew her property.

    8. She had enough of men

    Akothee said she has permanently bowed out of the dating game.

    “I have had enough of men, and I lost trust in them. It will take me years to fall in love again. The love I have now is for me and my children, because no man has plans for me. There is no man who can handle me because there’s no way I will fall into any man’s plans. I call the shots,” she said firmly.

    The singer went further to say that she would be apprehensive about carrying another man’s pregnancy or funding a broke man.

    “So when you want to come and fall in my plans and I already have five kids, and you have no child: Do you think I will be pregnant for you – no way! If you want to come to me bare-handed and you want me to be paying your bills, I am sorry it won’t happen”, asserted Akothee.

    9. Having kids is Akothee hobby

    When asked if she has closed the chapter of having more kids, she quickly interjects: “Hapana! Kid number six is loading! Having many kids is a hobby, and I wish I could fall pregnant again.”

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