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All Men Are The Same? Not Really! Here’s What To Look Out For


If you believe that all men are the same, then it’s because you have been dating men with similar characteristics, a breed you definitely need to let go of before we usher in the New Year.

I prefer to call this breed the ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, which to me basically means being with such a man will lead to nothing but heartbreaks, and leave you resenting the entire male population.

Here’s how to spot a member of the Heartbreak Hotel;

1. He tells you right away that he is not looking for commitment

But then, you are already in love, so you stay hoping at some point along the way this man will change his mind and reciprocate your feelings. He most definitely will not.

The good thing about this man though, is he warns you beforehand, right away, so that he is not liable to any decisions/actions you choose to undertake afterward.

2. He doesn’t want to be seen with you in public, at least not as his girlfriend

You are the girl he is having something with in the dark, a relationship he would rather keep secret because he is definitely not on the same page with you.

He is definitely going to break your heart.

3. He never texts his feelings, EVER!

Now, this is a pretty new one, but I’ll tell you how this works. Screenshots have been known to destroy marriages, jobs, relationships.

So, since you are not ‘the one’, the guy will never text you any of that personal stuff guys in love normally write to you. Not, not the declaration of feelings only, but anything that might show you two are in a relationship of some sort.

He will probably explain that he prefers if you/him just call, and you’ll excuse him and say, ‘he’s a busy man’, but knowing at heart he’s really not.

4. He’s below 25

I’m not saying all guys above 25 are faithful, but many more of them than those below 25 are mature, mentally stable, know what they want, have been there done that, more likely to be looking for something serious.

Date a guy below 25 and be ready to mother someone’s son. He still wants to be the main guy in the hood, refers to beautiful girls as ‘hot’, and thinks it’s cool to be a player.

Of course, there are dudes above 25 who have these characteristics, but the sea of under 25 is fuller of the troublemakers.

If the men you’ve been dating happen to have similar characteristics, and these traits are not good ones, then it’s probably because those are the type of men you like.

You attract and keep only what you want. Otherwise, don’t keep them, don’t even entertain them.

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