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Steps To Loving The Life You Have; As You Work For The Life You Want


I am a firm believer that in doing what you truly love, you get to find yourself and your purpose. This also means I believe people should spend their lives doing only those jobs that they love, because when people are driven by love they deliver more, better.

However, it is important that we acknowledge that there are many things we are going to do in life that we are not going to do out of love. Many jobs we are going to take up, opportunities we are going to send out applications for, friends and connections we are going to make, will not all be for love, but simply for the promise it holds for a more comfortable life.

And it’s okay. It is alright to not do what you really love for a while as you find footing and ground to get to live your dreams. I know this sounds so wrong, and a total opposite of what I have always written I believe in(oh lord, I believe in LIVING YOUR DREAMS!!! TODAY!!!), but sometimes things happen. And sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

You need to pay the bills, eat, save for emergencies and future plans, invest, etc. You need to be happy now and I am not sure how many people are really happy when they are broke. I don’t think being poor gives one joy, but I also don’t think not living your dreams does.

What I am saying is, sometimes to you need to take up opportunities you may not really want to, because you need them to stay alive so you can pursue your dreams. If you don’t have money you may not eat, and if you don’t eat you may die. And then when you die will you be able to pursue your dreams?

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