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Your GOtv Kenya Packages, Prices, Paybill & Decoder Questions Answered


Below are 10 commonly asked GOtv Kenya questions and their respective answers.

1. What are the packages and prices of GOtv Kenya?  

This is the most common GOtv Kenya questions asked.

GOtv Packages Kenya 2020 prices

GOtv has three main packages: GOtv Plus, GOtv Value, and GOtv Lite.

  • GOtv Max Charges: Ksh. 999
  • GOtv Plus Charges: Ksh. 749 per month
  • GOtv Value Charges: Ksh. 499 per month
  • GOtv Lite (Monthly) Charges: Ksh. 220 per month,
  • GOtv Lite (quarterly) Charges:  Ksh. 500  (3 months)
  • GOtv Lite (Annual ) Charges:Ksh. 1,299 annually

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2. How do I change or downgrade a GOtv package?

The process is not automatic as often claimed.

Once you pay the amount for your preferred package, you have to get in touch with a customer care agent for assistance.

They will require your ICU number (Your ICU number is the number on the red sticker under your decoder)

3. How do I convert my GOtv decoder to Free To Air (FTA)?

First, you need to top up your account by making payments on the GoTv Kenya Paybill number 423655.

Afterward, you can opt to use their self-care center by dialing *423# and following the voice prompts or you can opt for calling their customer care service on 0711-066-000.

If you only pay and fail to use any of the two options above to contact their customer care, your decoder will not be converted.

As usual, make sure that you have your IUC number before making the call.

4. How to clear the E-16 Error message on my GOTv decoder?

Always ensure that your decoder is powered on when clearing error codes.

To clear E-16 Error Message, SMS ‘RESET‘ IUC NUMBER’ to 22688. The IUC number is the number on the red sticker while 22688 is GOTVKenya short code.

5. What is the GOtv IUC Number?

Your IUC is the number located on the red sticker under your decoder. You will need this when making subscription payments, contacting GOtv or using GOtv Self Service.

6. How do I activate GOtv decoder online?

Visit http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/en/ke/activations

You will be required to submit details including your city, surname, IUC number, and mobile telephone number.

7. Where can I find GOtv agents or dealers near me?

Follow link http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/en/ke/dealers/find.

Once you land on the page, click on your city and this will lead you to a new window with specific details about dealers near you.

It has a list of all GOtv dealers and their contact information. You will get the dealers’ mobile numbers, email, and physical address.

For example, if you are in Buruburu, your dealer is Cyress Communications. Those in Naivasha can head over to E.P. Communications, located in the Shopping Centre Building, Kariuki Chotara Road.

8. Can I get GOtv for free?

No. GOtv is a pay-tv service.

The closest alternative to this is the Free to Air (FTA) which will be required you to pay Ksh. 1,299 renewable annually. Last year, the fee stood at Ksh. 2,500 but has been slashed this year.

9. What is GOtv Kenya customer care number?

You can call a GOtv customer care via +254711 066 000

10. What is GOtv Kenya Paybill Number?

GOtv Kenya Paybill number: 423655

Learn more about other GOtv payment options.

Go other GOtv Kenya questions?

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  1. Hi gotv..iam a travel man so I am not always available @home/so here iam..just paid my gotv but still nothing?”u will always suspend me??pls I need back my icu no:2009336489.email(Cdanstone@gmail.com.I was using Abdul kafwani but he is no longer with, he travel abroad.thank u.number:0705027770 or 0718432954.thank u

  2. I am waiting,I tried 2 call up..always busy.my credit all finish 200 Bob, just keep waiting.my icu 2009336489.pls!!

  3. You always sent me an sms that my number has been toped up with airtime Every end month but i have never received…would like to know why i dont get the airtime. Or you kindly stop sending me the text

  4. I paid my gotv three days before expirey date but now it shows error E-16 so how am supposed to deal with it and since I paid 1299 and some channel are still missing 7018890812 currently scrumbbled

  5. Have paid my gotv Max sum of 1000 on 12th April 2020 and no connection yet. The ICU no is 7026591947.The payment was through co-operative bank of Kenya.The pesapal confirmation code is EC100330720132.please do the follow up.The co-operative account no paid from is 01116433981600.


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