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Kilimall partners with Aramex to enhance its delivery network


Kilimall, one of the largest e-commerce website in Kenya, has entered into a partnership with Aramex, the global logistics, and transport provider, to strengthen its delivery network.

This partnership will see Kilimall fulfill more orders to different parts of the country.

Under this partnership, Aramex will provide delivery solutions to Kilimall’s e-shoppers in various parts of the country.

This partnership is part of Kilimall’s strategy to enhance its delivery solutions.

Kilimall already brags an extensive delivery network but the partnership is timely since it comes at a time when the e-commerce website has experienced significant growth since its establishment.

According to Kilimall, the partnership is important since it will help to improve overall customer experience.

This is definitely good since e-commerce websites in Kenya still have a lot to do in order to earn the complete trust of Kenyans.

Locally, many people are skeptical when it comes to e-commerce transactions; hence, improving their experience should be a priority.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Kilimall’s MD Robin Xie expressed Aramex’s commitment to deliver all orders in a timely manner.

He also stated that the number of online shoppers has increased over time and that this justified the need for comprehensive delivery solutions.

Aramex is a leading brand with operations in various parts of the country.

With its countrywide presence, Aramex promises to enhance delivery services as Kilimall continues to experience exponential growth in terms of orders.

Xie added that Aramex is happy to partner with Kilimall owing to its strong networks.

At present, Kilimall delivers products within one day in Nairobi and two days for shoppers in other parts of the country.

This means that having more delivery companies on board could significantly reduce the delivery time.

Kilimall is one of Kenya’s largest online shopping malls.

It was launched in July 2014 and it offers products in various categories such as electronics, apparel, home appliances, smartphones, baby products, personal care, and much more.

At the moment, its’ biggest competitor has to be Jumia since the two offer products of similar categories.

The e-commerce site has, however, managed to create a niche for itself in a market that has several alternatives.

Other partnerships

At the moment, Kilimall has three other delivery partners namely Fargo Courier, Posta Kenya, and G4S.

The partnership with Aramex, therefore, brings the total number of delivery partners to four.

The online shopping mall appears to be big on partnerships since it recently partnered with Safaricom to allow customers to pay for products and services using Bonga points, Safaricom’s loyalty program.

The redemption value is Ksh. 2 shillings per 10 points. This made Kilimall the first online local store to accept Bonga points as a payment option. Kilimall also accepts payments via mobile money services.

The Kilimall-Aramex partnership is a step towards ensuring overall customer satisfaction.

The e-commerce site has a robust and easily navigable website through which orders can be made easily; hence, it strategic to also ensure that deliveries are made in a timely manner.

Perhaps reduce the delivery time within Nairobi to two or three hours? That would be nice.

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