Meet the Kenyan female military officer Kenyan Men are drooling at

    A selfie of Edith Githinji looking good in her military uniform

    Kenyans on social media (KOT) seem to have a thing for beautiful women.

    They have graduated from praising socialites and nearly naked women to appreciating the real simple beauty that needs no publicizing.

    Anyway, there is a new cop in town and rumor has it that she is too fine to be ignored.

    Edith Githinji, a Kenya Defense Forces soldier has left many talking and ogling at her sexy photos being shared on social media.

    As much as the Kenya Military has had a tough and rough year, the lady has managed to stay fly and strong for those who look up to her.

    Her photos have been making rounds on social media with comments from men who want to date her.

    Edith Githinji looking lovely in selfie (Photo: Courtesy)

    Being a female military officer demands a lot but having strong willed women like Edith Githinji and many others Kenyans have every reason to feel safe.

    However, her bosses praise her as a hardworking young officer who has nothing but love for her work.

    Edith looking fly (Photo: Courtesy)

    The social media community will make you or break you.Well, there you have our shujaa KDF soldier.

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