Millie Anyiko: Ladies, Here’s How to Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Day

4 years ago

We know how irritating and embarrassing it could be when in the middle of a social event, you take a selfie with someone and your makeup looks whack! Worse, is halfway through the day your lipstick dries up and with it goes your confidence! So, how do you ensure that your makeup stays fresh and classy all day?

I talked to a budding makeup artist Millie Anyiko who suggested the following tips that can save us from this hell;

  1. Cleanse Your Face Before Application- Wash your face with warm water and a mild face cleanser or a bacterial soap. Avoid using strong scented soap on the face. Ensure the face is rinsed well, then pat dry with a soft face cloth.
  2. Moisturize- To moisturize, you can use a petroleum jelly or a light moisturizer, which works well for oily, normal and dry skin. You can also use alternative moisturizers recommended and approved by a dermatologist.
  3. Invest in quality makeup product- Cheap is expensive: would you want your face to be problematic when you have acne?. Low-cost makeup products could be laced with ingredients that could harm our skin. It is, however, possible to identify products that do not match our skin tone or type for example:
  1. Moisturize Lips-There are two ways to do this for those who can wear lipstick or not.
  1. Less is more- The less and more subtle your makeup is the easier it is to keep it fresh. This way, you don’t have to deal with cakey makeup.
  2. Setting spray-This will hold makeup in place for hours.

From me, I would advise you have a mirror in your bag, because, how else will you know that your makeup needs refreshing.



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