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Taxify Kenya Reduces Prices in Nairobi, Albeit for a Short While


Taxify Kenya prices have once again been lowered for Nairobi customers.

This comes a few weeks after the company lowered their prices for a whole week in mid-June. The company has also increased its prices in March this year.

Regular price changes signal the price wars that have been going on among the top three e-hailing services namely Uber, Little, and Taxify Kenya.

The Kenyan taxi hailing market has been a headache for various brands as they have been forced to lower the prices over and over again.

In March this year, Uber was forced to revise its prices after its driver-partners took to the streets (actually almost lived there) demanding a fair share of the cake.

New Taxify Kenya Prices:

In case you are celebrating, it is too early. The price cut is not as significant as we would have hoped. But, the new prices will definitely affect the competition.

  • Base price: Ksh.75
  • Price per Kilometer: Ksh.30
  • Price per minute: Ksh.2

This undercuts Uber and Little whose base fare stand at Ksh. 100; the price per kilometer is Ksh. 35 and Ksh. 30 respectively.

Also, while Taxify Kenya prices will be Ksh. 2 per minute, Uber and Little will charge Ksh. 3 and Ksh. 4 respectively. Taxify Kenya prices, therefore, wins. Well, somehow.

As noted, the reduction is not that significant. The base fare has remained the same while the price per kilometer has reduced from Ksh. 32 to Ksh. 30. The price per minute has only reduced by Ksh. 0.3: that’s from Ksh. 2.3 to Ksh. 2.

Price Wars among Taxi Hailing Companies 

The price wars favor consumers who enjoy cheap rides while they remain a headache for different brands.

Uber has, perhaps, been the worst hit. The company had been forced to slash its prices by 35% but a drivers’ strike ensued forcing the company to act. A fare hike was introduced and driver partners returned to work.

The company has been struggling to keep both customer and driver-partners happy.

Safaricom’s Little is perhaps, among the taxi hailing services that have been giving Uber a run for its money. The company has also had to slash its prices to remain competitive.

In 2016, the company was forced to slash its prices from Ksh. 55 to Ksh. 30 per kilometer. This also included a Ksh. 4 shilling rate per minute.

Little’s services do not come with flat rates or price surges like Uber and this has made the company stand out as the cheaper option.

This was a strategy to woo customers and it seems to have worked. The company quickly became a threat to Uber which had been ruling the airwaves prior to the arrival of Little Cab and other taxi hailing services.

In late last year, Little Ride and Mondo also introduced a fare slash to stay afloat in the competitive taxi hailing market.

Mondo lowered its prices to Ksh. 48 per kilometer, Ksh. 3 per minute, and a base fare of Ksh. 100.

These wars have been a headache for various brands since they have significantly affected profit margins.

Back to Taxify Kenya, It is still unclear about how long the offer will run so just enjoy while it lasts.

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