Wife Reveals details of how Photographer Dennis Otieno was Killed


    A commercial photographer was on Wednesday killed by thugs as his wife watched in Maziwa estate Kitale.

    Dennis Otieno in his late 20’s was shot thrice and killed by two men reportedly armed with AK-47 assault rifle and a panga.

    Photographer Dennis Otieno’s wife Winnie Atieno was drawing water from a tap inside a compound they are living when the three men confronted her and ordered her to lead them to their room.

    Otieno who had sensed danger unsuccessfully tried to restrain the thugs from entering the bedroom using a wooden sofa-set.

    Otieno’s wife said that his husband had not complained that his life was in danger.He had earlier came from work as usual and retired to their home when the gangsters stormed their house.

    Image result for photographer dennis otieno
    The house and Dennis Otieno’s blood on the floor

    They continued to ransack the ransacking the house looking for valuable items before they left to the unknown.Police said they cant rule out an assassination.

    His wife said:

    “I was outside the house drawing water when the men riding on a motorcycle alighted and walked to where and ordered me to lead them to the house. Inside the house, they warmed me and my sister-in-law against screaming as they attacked my husband,”

    Photographer Dennis Otieno wife who is expectant said the men also slapped her and her sister-in-law before taking away their mobile phones and TV set.

    “I suspect that this is a planned assassination on because I could identify one of the men as a close friend to my husband,” Atieno revealed.

    Police are going on with investigations to reveal the killers.

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