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Hilarious: KOT Troll Bishop Wanjiru After She was Caught Off Guard by Miguna’s Dissertation Question


jklIf you did not watch Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday, you missed one hell of a show.

Fortunately we’ve got you covered.

Four Nairobi gubernatorial aspirants, namely: Miguna Miguna, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, Phillip Kisia and Esther Passaris were on the bench of some kind of a debate.

However, most of it turned out to be a shouting match between Miguna and the bishop. It turned quite ugly when Miguna accused Margaret of stealing some housing units during her time in government.

Margaret went berserk and refused to let Miguna speak, repeatedly threatening to sue him. Towards the end, each aspirant was given an opportunity to state their final message to Nairobians. Miguna was last to speak, but the bishop still kept interrupting.

Miguna then made a statement in the line of him being educated while the others were academic light weights. (He had earlier in show stated that the bishop was kicked out of ODM because her degree was fake.)

Wanjiru joined in boasting how she has several degrees. Miguna then asked her what the title of her dissertation was, which left Wanjiru visibly startled.

Kenyans on Twitter could not have the last of it.

Here are some of the tweets mocking Bishop Margaret Wanjiru.

Source: Nairobi Wire