Martha Karua Eats Rare Humble Pie on Twitter


    martha-karuaNarc Kenya leader Martha Karua is not the most polite person. Whenever she thinks you are attempting to step on her toes, the response will be swift and brutal.

    She has fought many wars on Twitter over the years and a good number of people have been victims. So you may forgive her to think that everyone who tweets at her is looking for a fight.

    On Monday, someone asked her what position she will vie for next year.


    To which she replied saying the announcement is ‘coming shortly’.


    Another Twitter user, @AsaphJay, made the mistake of suggesting what she should vie for a senatorial position in Kirinyaga.
    ”Be a senator in Waiguru’s backyard,” he tweeted.

    Karua’s response was predictably brutal. ”kindly remember I have been without your advise and will make next move without it thanks,” she replied.

    @Asaphjay did not stop there, and instead informed her that he is a fan who only meant well. ”Well, no need to be harsh to one of your fans! Point noted would have been sufficient.” he told her.

    It was then that Ms Karua gave a very rare apology.

    ”I hear you and say sorry,” she tweeted back.

    Still on the same thread, one Twitter user asked why people were looking down upon Martha by suggesting a regional office.

    The former Justice Minister interjected saying that the regional offices are not inferior in any way, perhaps giving more credibility to news that she’ll be going for Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat.

    Source: Nairobi Wire