Radio Stations in Kenya and their Frequencies Live Stream Online

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Radio Stations in Kenya and their Frequencies Live Stream Online. The radio  station include international, national and international radio stations with frequencies that broadcast in Kenya.

There are over 100 registered radio stations in Kenya mushrooming daily. The media houses that own the highest number of FM radio stations  in Kenya Include: Royal Media Services (RMS), Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Nation Media Group (NMG) and Standard Media Group (SMG) commanding high percentage of viewrship.  Here is a list of  2018  most popular radio radio stations in Kenya.

NRG Radio Station Kenya 91.3 FM Frequency, Location & Contacts

With the ever-increasing number of music streaming services such as Spotify, Boom music, YouTube, Apple Music, and Tidal, local radio stations in Kenya still remain the first choice for many people listening to radio.

KTN News Online Live Stream

List of All Radio Stations in Kenya and their Frequencies

Radio Station



2 FM Nairobi 87.7
Abiengo FM * Kakamega 89.5
Anguo FM Taita Taveta 90.9
ATG Radio Nairobi 91.1
Bahari FM Nairobi 94.2
Baliti FM​​ Isiolo 102.7
Baraka FM Mombasa 95.5
Baraton FM Kapsabet 103.9
BBC World Service Nairobi 93.9
BBC FM Radio Kenya Nairobi 93.9 FM
BBC FM Radio Kenya Kisumu 88.2 FM
BBC FM Radio Kenya Mombasa  93.9 FM
Bibilia Husema Nairobi 96.7
Bulala Ranet FM Budalangi 107.5
Capital FM Nairobi 98.4
Chamgei FM Nairobi 95
China Radio International Nairobi 91.9
Classic 105 Nairobi 105.2
Coro FM Nairobi 99.5
East FM Nairobi 106.3
ECN Radio Nairobi 99.9
Egerton Radio Njoro 101.7
Egesa FM Nairobi 98.6
Emoo FM Nairobi 104.2
Family FM Nairobi 103.9
Fish FM Eldoret 97.1
Free FM Mombasa 94.2
Ghetto FM Nairobi 99.9
Gukena FM Nairobi 92.8
Gulf Radio Karachwonyo 88.3
Hero Radio Nakuru 99
Hits FM Nairobi 99.5
Homeboyz Radio Nairobi 103.5
Hope FM Nairobi 93.3
Hossana FM Lodwar 89.5
Hot 96 FM Nairobi 96
Iftiin FM Nairobi 101.9
Imani Radio Kitale 88.8
Ingo FM Nairobi 100.5
Inooro FM Nairobi 98.9
Iqra FM Nairobi 95.1
Kalya FM West Pokot 106.5
Kameme FM Nairobi 101.1
Kangema Ranet FM Murang’a 106.5
Kass FM Nairobi 89.1
KBC English Service Nairobi 95.6
KBC Radio Taifa Nairobi 92.9
Kiss 100 Nairobi 100.3
Kitwek FM Nairobi 97.9
KOCH FM Nairobi 99.9
KU FM Nairobi 99.9
Kwale Ranet FM Kwale 103.5
Light FM​​ Limuru 99.9
Mayian FM Nairobi 100.7
Mayienga FM Nairobi 93.5
Meru FM Meru 88.3
Milele FM Nairobi 93.6
Minto FM Nairobi 101.7
MMU FM Nairobi 99.9
MMUST FM Kakamega 103.9
Moi Radio Eldoret 103.9
Mtaani Radio Dagoretti 99.9
Mugambo FM Meru 102.3
Mulembe FM Nairobi 97.9
Mururi FM Nairobi 107.3
Musyi FM Nairobi 102.2
Muuga FM Nairobi 88.9
Mwago FM Nairobi 97.5
Mwanedu FM Voi 96.1
Mwariama FM Nairobi 105.9
Nation FM Nairobi 96.3
Nosim FM Nairobi 90.5
NRG Radio Nairobi 91.3
NRG Radio Eldoret 98.4
NRG Radio Mombasa 96.3
Nyota FM Bungoma 107.3
Olmaa Suswa FM Narok 89.3
One FM Nairobi 97.1
Pamoja FM Nairobi 99.5
Pilipili FM Mombasa 99.5
Pwani FM Mombasa 104.7
Qwetu Radio Nairobi 95.3
Radio Amani​​ Nakuru 88.3
Radio Citizen​​ Nairobi 106.7
Radio Injili FM Kericho 103.7
Radio Jambo Nairobi 97.5
Radio Kisima Nyamira 89.7
Radio Lake Victoria​​ Osienala​​ Kisumu 92.1
Radio Maa Nairobi 103.5
Radio Maendeleo* Bondo 98.6
Radio Maisha Nairobi 102.7
Radio Mambo Webuye 97.1
Radio Mang’elete Kibwezi 89.1
Radio Maria Murang’a 88.1
Radio Nam Lolwe Kisumu 97.3
Radio Rahma Mombasa 91.5
Radio Sahara Kisumu 94.3
Radio Salaam Nairobi 90.7
Radio Umoja Nairobi 101.5
Radio Waumini Nairobi 88.3
Ramogi FM Nairobi 107.1
RFI Kenya Nairobi 89.9
Risala FM Garissa 96.7
Sauti Ya Mwananchi Nakuru 100.9
Sayare FM Eldoret 102.9
Serian FM Malaral 88.9
Shekki FM Mombasa 106.6
Shine FM Nairobi 103.9
Shine FM Nairobi 103.5
Sound Asia FM Nairobi 88
Star FM Garissa 97.1
Sulwe FM Nairobi 89.6
Taach FM Nairobi 95.1
Trans World Radio Nairobi 101.1
Truth FM Nairobi 90.7
USIU Radio Nairobi 99.9
Voice Of America Nairobi 107
Vuuka FM Nairobi 95.4
Wajir FM Wajir 90.9
West FM Nairobi 94.9
Wikwatyo FM Kitui 103.5
Wimwaro FM Nairobi 93
XFM Nairobi 105.5
Yepchinit FM Kericho N/A

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