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Rose Muhando Deported to Tanznia For Specialised Care


Troubled songstress,Rose Muhando, who was once an African Award winning Gospel Artist and best known across Africa as The Queen Mother Of Gospel Music In Africa has been ordered to fly back home in Tanzania for specialised treatment by the Tanzanian Music Foundation (TAMUFO).

According to Tanzania’s local media reports, TAMUFO secretary, Stella Joel, said the foundation will accord the singer all the help she needs.

“As an agency mandated to look into the welfare of musicians in Tanzania, we have decided to seriously look into her claims. In that viral video, she accuses her former manager, Nathan, of very bad things. Her claims paint a bad picture of our industry,” said Ms Joel.

“It is true that Rose Muhando is ailing, and the music foundation has already contracted doctors from Apollo Hospital in India to attend to her. The medical experts are already in Tanzania,” said Ms Joel.

This comes after a video went viral showing Ms Muhando being rid of demons by Neno Evangelism Center Bishop James Ng’ang’a.

(Watch the video at the end of the article)
Ng’ang’a was later quoted denying that he was exorcising demons from Ms Muhando.

Neno Evangelism Center Bishop James Ng’ang’a has confirmed that the woman in a viral video being rid of demons is indeed Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando.

Speaking to eDaily, the man of God says that the Nibebe crooner was not possessed by demons but was only seeking spiritual healing from him.

“If anything, I wasn’t casting demons out of the musician. She was unwell. She, therefore, requested for spiritual healing from me. I only facilitated that. Rose Muhando is like a patient in hospital. Do you usually call the doctor to inquire the health details of a patient you are not related to? No, you don’t. So, kindly keep off the Rose Muhando issue,” the Bishop is quoted by the blog.

Muhando has had a rough couple of years. She has been hit by one scandal after another.

In the 7 minute video, she is called to the pulpit by the man of the cloth, to which she obliges.

The pastor starts praying for her. She falls to the ground, writhing as if in pain, then starts screaming.

Ng’ang’a then instructs the “demons” that have caused her her music career, fame and fortune and even her children.

“Tell that demon to leave your body. [I order you, demon, to] release her from the shackles, which have stalled her music career and gospel work,” Ng’ang’a tells the singer.

Still twisting and writhing on the ground, she responds: “It is Rose’s manager who sent us to disorientate her. We took all her cars and property. We even managed to drive her out of her home for three months now. We are ten of us pitching camp in her body. We also vowed to scuttle her attempts at trying to regain her feet in music. We’ve placed a demonic object in her, which has completely killed her talent. You know, when she sings [for God], she spoils our business.”

When she finally came to, Muhando said that her manager is to blame for her woes. She also claims that she can no longer raise school fees for her children who should have by now enrolled into institutions of higher learning.

“My manager claimed I was out to kill him. He, therefore, vowed to eliminate me and fill my position with another woman. They warned me that if I set foot in my house, they will kill me. They went to my home and dug a pit, in which they claimed was a shrine. And, that is the reason I looked for you. I believe God has remodeled me afresh,” a teary Muhando added.

Bishop Ng’ang’a who has a pending careless driving case which left one dead at the tail end of the video says that he has given the singer Sh5,000.

But skeptical social media users have said that the whole thing could have been stage managed while others noted that the woman in the viral video could not have been Muhando.

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