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The Art Of Gifting; 3 Things You Need To Know


Every other day there is a celebration somewhere. It s either a birthday party, a wedding, an anniversary party, a send off party, graduation or just a house party where gifts are likely to be exchanged.
Very often we go right when it comes to organizing the party, but wrong at gifting! Giving the wrong gift, or an untimely gift, is common. So, how do you know what exactly to gift your loved one at his/her coming celebration?
1.Before the party day, have conversations with them that might get them to give you a hint- This is how this works; in between your conversation with them, ask them what their recent interests have been, what they are crazy about lately, what they would do for themselves if they had the chance and money, what their plans are..Etc. Of course you need to chip in these questions in a very innocent way, for they should not know you are looking for gift hints!
2. Talk To Their Friends- Maybe you are not close to the person you are to gift, or haven’t been talking to them lately, then you need to get info from the people closest to them! Ask his/her friends what the person likes, and gift ideas they think would work best.
3. Ask them, DIRECTLY- Yes! Just ask them what they want. Sometimes it gets so hard trying to figure out what would be best for someone, that you end up not buying anything at all. So, just ask them, nicely. Tell them you don’t want to get it wrong. And no, they are not allowed to say they don’t know what they want.
Ever gifted a book to someone who NEVER reads? Such a waste, right? Or taking someone out for a party as a gift, when all they wanted was hang out with you indoors? Yeah. These happen if you don’t take time to know the person well enough to have the correct gift ideas!

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