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This Week in Tech: The .KE Domain to Cost Ksh. 10K and More Weekly Tech Trends


The first week of July has come to a cold end. It is too cold that most of us can barely feel our faces. What appears to be snow has been spotted in some parts of the country.

Antarctica needs to call and get their weather back.

The good news is that the tech world was made for all seasons, it continues to spin.

Below are top ten tech trends that made headlines this week:

1. A .KE Domain at 10K

The Kenya Network Information Center (KeNIC) has announced that it will be rolling out a .KE domain starting July 23rd.

The domain will cost Ksh. 10k and will be rolled out in four phases.

2. StarTimes’ will Now Reward you for your Loyalty

If GOtv has yet to entice you with their loyalty programme (GOtv Wow), StarTimes may as they have introduced their own loyalty programme.

The loyalty programme will see subscribers upgrade to higher bouquets at no extra cost. Other rewards include bonus airtime upon renewal of the monthly subscription.

Currently, the company offers two types of bouquets: The Digital Terrestrial Technology (DDT) and Direct to Home (DTH).

The pay-tv company hopes that this move will enable it to grow the subscriber base as well as encourage retention rate.

3. 10 Kenyan Startups Win Seed Capital

10 Kenyan startups have won seed capital through the LEAP2 challenge.

Initially, 42 startups had applied but only 10 out of these were selected to participate.

The ten startups are Afya plan, Btrack global, Chanjo plus, Deafine Connect, Esvendo social inclusion project, Ebursary, Emeden Kenya Farmers Market Link,  Pregmum, Msoma Platform, and Pawame.  

The startups raised Ksh. 3Million.

4. Snap and Attach Links to Stories

Snapchat will now allow its users to attach links to stories. The update is applicable for the iOS and Android.

If you haven’t noticed, look out for a paperclip icon on your toolkit as it will enable you to type the link. When recipients tap on that link, it will open on Snapchat’s browser.

Other updates are Backdrops which allows you to add colorful patterns on the cut area of your snap.

The other update is a Voice filters which will allow users to use several voice filters to make a remix of their voices.

Also, users will now be able to create their own geofilters.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Resurrects

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is returning under the name Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition.

Rumors of a possible comeback of Note 7 have been doing rounds but we can now confirm that it is true.

Note Fan Edition comes with some slightly different features although it reminds us of its dead sister.

6. Android Nougat’s Rising Market Share

Android Nougat has just crossed the 10% mark since its launch. This can only mean that Marshmallow continues to dominate the market at 31.8%.

Nougat share has been low since it was released into the market towards the end of 2016.

However, its share is expected to increase as more and more devices come with this platform out of the box.

7. Visa and Direct Pay Partnership Promises More MVisa Payments

Visa and Direct Pay Online (DPO) have partnered to enable 20,000 more merchants to accept MVisa payments.

This move will facilitate mobile commerce in Kenya as well as connect more people and businesses to the global economy.

mVisa is a mobile payment solution which enables consumers to pay merchants or send money directly from their bank account.

8. LG Set to Unveil LG Q6

LG Q6, also known as LG G6 Mini, is expected to be unveiled on July 11th.

LG G6 has been on the market for quite some time now but it seems that it will have to share the podium with LG Q6. Or pave way for Q6 to rule the airwaves.

Rumored specs of LG Q6 are a 5.4-inch display, 3GB RAM, and a 13MP camera.

9. A Nokia Dual Lens Smartphone + Zeiss Optics?

Those who are still loyal to Nokia should expect a Nokia smartphone with Zeiss optics. It is rumored that the handset will be unveiled later this year but HMD Global has not confirmed this.

Get ready for a Dual-Nokia smartphone soon. Or should I say hopefully?

10. Sony to Discontinue TrackID

TrackID is being discontinued effective September 15th.

TrackID is a music recognition service by Sony. Sony installed it in their Sony Ericsson phones and Sony apps.

Once the app shuts down, users will not be able backup their history.

Sony is recommending its competitor, Shazam.

Have an awesome week ahead. Remember to keep warm.

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